Lined Seahorses (Hippocampus erectus)

Lined Seahorse

 Female Yellow Lined Seahorse
 Size: about 3 inches

Male Black Lined Seahorse
Size: about 3.5 inches

Hippocampus Erectus

Hippocampus Erectus

What do I need to know.

Tank Size: 30 gallons for larger, Max Size: 6″, Water Temp: 72 -78, Peaceful.

Our seahorses are tank bred in an indoor closed system.  They are feed rotifers, green water and newly hatched brine shrimp.  As they grow we offer enriched brine shrimp and frozen Cyclop-eeze.  Once large enough we train to eat frozen mysis shrimp which compose most of their diet for rest of their life.

Seahorses should really only be kept with other seahorses or pipefish.  The temperature range is 72 – 78 degrees F, however we recommend keeping the temperature low at the 72.  At higher temps there is better chance of disease.  We keep ours under 72.

Do not use a in tank heater without a heater guard.  Seahorses can fall asleep while hanging on the heater and burn their body.  The result is infection and death. Heaters are best placed in the sump if you have one.

Tank Mates: Pipefish, Mandarin, Blenny, Dartfish, Gobies (many compatable)
Coral: Mushrooms, Polyps, Soft Corals, Sea Stalk, Red Sea Fan.
Others: Fanworm, Blue Sponge, Spiny Sponge, Sea Slugs, Orange Sea Star, Blue Sea Star, Sand Sifting Star
Snails: Astea Snail, Turbo Snail, Nassarius Snail, Trochus Snail, Cerith Snail, Nerite Snail, Nerite Snail.